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My husband suffered a massive heart attack in April 2018. After his hospital stay, he was admitted to Oak Pointe. At the time of his admittance he could neither stand or walk. He improved greatly in the rehab program. The staff and administration were very attentive and involved in his progress.

Oak Pointe is a great place to recover. It is beautifully decorated, quiet and clean. I can highly recommend it.


When I was to be released from Union, my case worker gave me a list of rehabs my insurance approved. When I saw Oakpointe, I stopped looking.
My great experience there began 5 minutes in the door. I was discharged right before supper, and it was a cold, snowy, windy night. I was hungry and wondering what I would do for supper. As my husband wheeled me towards the nurses' station, I was greeted kindly & asked if I'd eaten. So my first experience there was supper in a brightly lit pleasant dining room.
Supper was good! All my meals were good-food there was exceptional. Fish isn't my cup of tea so the days it was served they made me my favorite grilled cheese. It was nice having a menu & knowing ahead what we'd eat ahead of time.
All the staff was kind & respectful.
My roomie & I had a wonderful time together. We had common physical problems, we had lots in common otherwise-we exchanged contact info, and we plan to stay in touch. I'm so glad I made those friends.
The therapy ladies were cheery and made that experience fun. I had goals of standing and being able to walk. They worked with me to achieve that.
The entire experience at Oakpointe was a happy one, I'm so glad I chose it. Since getting home, I talk with people about getting better. I will continue to talk about how pleased I am with Oakpointe. I had a special time, and I wanted to tell you so.
Thanks for accepting me and for a great healing experience.


My name is Keara. I am a cheerleader for Garaway Middle School. During a game, my knee became sore and swollen. After a visit to the orthopedic doctor, I was diagnosed with a "tilted knee-cap." Therapy was prescribed. After going over all options, my mom and I decided on Oak Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation. They were willing to work with my school schedule. The staff is great. They explained what and how to do my exercises properly. Everyone is very friendly. I received personal care in a personal setting. [I'm] glad to say feeling much better and on my way to a complete recovery. Thank you, Oak Pointe!

Keara & Shelley

My dad, Arthur, was a resident at Oak Pointe for over two years on the memory care unit. The nursing staff at Oak Pointe is amazing. They were very considerate and always took the time to answer any questions we had. They would always call and discuss any changes in care and would even notify us if dad was getting a new roommate.
My dad always said how good his meals were. Staff would always offer my sister and I to eat with him if were visiting during a mealtime.
Therapy services were always provided if needed and my dad never seemed to mind going to therapy - I think he enjoyed it.
The building was always clean. It sets on a country hill and is beautiful. I'd recommend Oak Pointe Nursing to anyone looking for a great place for their loved one to stay!


I've lived at Oak Pointe Nursing for many years. The residents and staff are very nice. Staff helps you quickly and you don't have to wait long.
The building is clean and they keep my room clean.
Activities has many fun things that we can do. Some of my favorite activiteis are bingo and the sing spirational. At Thanksgiving, families come in and we have a great meal together.
Thank you, Oak Pointe, for taking such good care of me.


Therapy has been great and very helpful. They help strengthen my left knee since surgery. It's a short drive from my home. I would be happy to recommend this rehab center to anyone that needs help.


My father was at another facility and was recently moved to Oak Pointe on March 9, 2020. He called me today to tell me how much he loves Oak Pointe. Even though everyone is on lockdown because of Covid-19, dad doesn't feel isolated because of the wonderful staff that checks on him and interacts with him. He was having trouble with is phone and they spent time with him to figure it out. Awesome!!!
The food is phenomenal. Every meal is like a five-course meal. He likes to tell me what I'm missing, LOL, and rub it in. The aids also take time to help him shower and "get his feet." He said it feels so good. He told me today I did a good job by taking him to Oak Pointe. There is no place else I'd want my father to be.
Thank you, Oak Pointe, for working with me, his overprotective daughter and my father and for taking such good care of him. He is happy at last.


The staff was kind and efficient. As time progressed we were treated like family. The therapy staff was successful in enabling Jen to start and walk with a walker in addition to strengthening her upper body and legs.
Oak Pointe is a quiet, clean environment - a good place to rest and recover.


Everyone I have talked to seems very friendly and very experienced in all things. They care very much about their patients and do whatever is needed for the safety of the patients. Thank you!


Oak Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing high-quality care that allows a peace of mind to family members who are unable to care for their loved ones in a community setting. The staff are like family and love my grandma as if she was their own. It gives me great peace to know that the staff takes the time to get to know each resident, their likes and dislikes, their background, and what is important in this stage of their life. Due to the staff's commitment to high-quality care, I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to others.

Jennifer C.